Article about the new year


By Luísa Geraldes | December 31, 2018


What a year, what times… It has been intense, sometimes exhausting for the next moment to become restorative and rewarding.

Making of the place where I am my place and home; opening the doors of that home… to live the instant and simple love; to conclude that love should be simple… Sharing with friends who become brothers and sisters knowing that distance does not drive us away. To realize that I’m living my dream of dedicating my life to yoga and therefore I must do for being worthy of it. Exploring new possibilities in my practice and continuing to deal with the old and known limitations… Facing the obvious: that life is leading me to places I did not expect and that I will probably spend more time away from my mom and from the place I was raised. Opening more and more windows of possibilities. Looking for a quiet and peaceful place inside me.

At the same time, worried about the strange place to where humanity is walking… without understanding how can we be so self destructive and able to do such horrible things to each others…. trying to watch it like a movie, as part of a bigger Order that my human mind is not able to understand.

Grateful to Yoga that brought where I am now, considering myself happier than I was when I started. And it’s for that we are here. To be happy.

And I’m super happy… Happy new Year!!!

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