Article about living in India


By Luísa Geraldes | November 4, 2018


Living in India, particularly in Rishikesh is beautiful. It’s a simple life fully dedicated to practice and learning. We have a holy river to contemplate and a powerful teacher to guide us.

But it is not all so easy going as it might look. It implies a lot of efforts, a lot of adaptations. There’s many comforts we leave behind. Many months without family. Long time with no earnings. 
The experience of dealing with such a cultural difference is even harder for women.

The classes are strong. The practice is deep. For many days and weeks. All the experience is strong and can be exhausting. It’s a full commitment to Yoga, practice, and to my Teacher who gives me so much. There’s a sense of duty, commitment, retribution that must be honored. 
The biggest challenge is in these days learn how to manage my energy levels and accept as well, that there’s limits, specially as woman.

I’m tired. But transformation is not painless. It demands a lot if we want to grow as humans. Following our dharma requires courage and jumps into the unknown, decisions that often are not rational but come from a deepest feeling that they’re right.

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